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I can't see my plays?

All of my plays are gone!

If you can't find your plays anymore there can be multiple reasons:

Make sure you are logged into the correct account:

Occasionally we are getting support requests from users who have inadvertently created two accounts using both a social login (login with google etc.) and a username / password combination. Check your email for your first message from to find your main account.

Make sure you are using the correct library

If you have a team subscription it can be confusing if you are browsing your personal library, but search for plays that are in the team library. Switch to a different library and check if your plays are there.

You created your plays in offline mode on another device

When you are offline, you can still create new plays, but they are temporarily saved on your device until you reconnect to the network. If you can't see plays you created while offline, make sure to open the app on the device you created the plays in the first place and connect to the internet. The plays should now get synced with the server.