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How to get started with your team subscription

In this article we will explain how to get started after purchasing a team subscription.

  1. Go to your organization page in the settings


    You find the link in the top right after clicking your profile icon

  2. Edit the name of your organization

    After signing up for a team subscription we create a new untitled organization for you. Click the button "Change Name" to add a new organization title (for example the name of the school).

  3. Create your first team

    Pick the tab "Teams" and click the button "Create New Team" to create your first team. You can upload your own picture too.

    You will be automatically added as a team admin unless you uncheck the option.


  4. Invite coaches and players

    Click the team you just created to go to the team page.

    Click the tab "Team Users"

    You have two options to invite players and coaches:

    1. Invite Users by sending them an email invite.

      Click the "Invite Users" tab to send invites via email. The recipients will receive an email with a link that will allow them to join the team in the role you picked for them.

    2. Create Invite Links and share them yourself

      If you don't want to send an email to every player, you can also create an invite link that is valid for multiple invites. You can for example share this link in your group chat.

      Click on the tab "Invite Links" and then on the button "Create Invite Link" in the top right.

  5. Pick the team library and create your first plays


Enter your team library by clicking the dropdown on the top left of your account. If you don't see any teams here, it means that you are not added to any teams yet.

Make sure your are added as a coach or team admin to any team where you want to create, edit or delete plays.

Once you picked a team you can create your first plays, just like you are used to from your personal library.